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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

The look of glossy, luxurious hardwood has universal appeal, but wall-to-wall hardwood isn’t necessarily the best fit for every interior setting.  Fooling the eyes and soothing the wallet, luxury vinyl plank is an ideal alternative to actual hardwood. At Gold River Carpet One Floor & Home we have all of the latest hardwood alternatives and can help you determine which products are best suited to your space, style, and budget.



Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Plank

While it’s unfair to directly compare luxury vinyl plank to natural hardwood flooring, there are definitely some wise reasons for opting for the beautiful “imposter.” Actual hardwood flooring, particularly the solid variety, is no friend of water and moisture. On the contrary, luxury vinyl is made to manage your hectic household. It doesn’t ever need to be polished, and you won’t ever need to sand down or refinish this floor.  Luxury vinyl plank is quick and painless to install, and it doesn’t require messy adhesives or nails. It can be used in any room of your home or business. For those who already have hardwood but wish to maintain consistency in the laundry room or around the shower, luxury vinyl plank might be just the ticket!



Caring for Luxury Vinyl Plank

The care and feeding of luxury vinyl plank is ideal for those who are constantly stretched for time. Luxury vinyl plank naturally repels dust and mildew. A simple sweep with a broom and an occasional wipe down with a damp mop or cloth is really all you need to do to keep your floor looking fantastic.



Where to Use Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank is a great addition to your walls, as well as your floors. For those who prefer paneling on their walls over paint and wallpaper, there’s nothing quite like luxury vinyl. Affordable, easy to care for, and a lot less messy to install than the actual thing, luxury vinyl plank definitely makes more sense in many instances. But don’t stop there: this eclectic and low-maintenance flooring works great for the living room, bedroom, dining room, or family room as well. 


To learn more about our luxury vinyl flooring and many other stunning hardwood alternatives, stop by one of our showrooms, with locations in both Rancho Cordova and Sacramento, CA, and explore our product offerings. 

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